Hi!  I'm Chelsea Stone...owner and artist of Eye Candy Jewelry.  I live in Prescott, Arizona but spend much of the year traveling around from city to city to exhibit my jewelry at art festivals.  I enjoy this traveling gypsy lifestyle as I get to see much of the country and meet my amazing customers as I bring them new goodies to wear.   I spend an obscene amount of time in the studio tinkering with my tools and odds and ends.  I am a workaholic, but only because my work is so much fun I can hardly stand it when my hands are still.

I have been making jewelry for over 20 years, graduating with my Bachelors in Fine Art - Jewelry from Northern Arizona and my Masters in Fine Art from Texas Tech University.  I spent many years teachers teaching in various colleges and universities but now focus on studio work.

My sweetie, Alex Horst, is also an OFF THE CHAIN talented jeweler.   We spend lots of time talking about tools and how to make this or that piece come out just right.  Check out Alex's amazing artwork at 

How do I spend my free time?  What free time?  I like to collect odd things and spend a lot of time at yard sales and flea markets, many of these oddities wind up in my jewelry creations.  When I'm not traveling  I try to hit the yoga mat a few times a week and drink wine with friends (not at the same time, usually). I spend a lot of time giggling with the girls of Why Not? BELLYDANCE regarding the crazy costuming we should make for our next performance, and consider bellydance my therapy.  

We get pretty extravagant for our Halloween performances!

We get pretty extravagant for our Halloween performances!

If you see a van like this, that's me traveling to the next show.  Let's stop at the next gas station and I'll show you my really bad tattoo.

Happy Trails!  Don't forget to sign my email list before you go and click F at the bottom of the page to find me on Facebook.

Remember, life is too short to wear boring jewelry.......WEAR EYE CANDY!